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Cheap Chopard L.U.C XP 168592-3001 watch online

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replica Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Dog watch
Chopard Superfast 8 Hertz, Unique High Beat Movement (and weekend in Historique GP in Monaco with legendary Jacky Ickx)

Although the only watch for charity auctions usually provided unique works to raise funds to help study Duchenne muscular dystrophy, some brands this year not only introduced unique watches, but also provided special experiences (such as Belrose, Pozi Lai and Blancpain, etc.) This is also true of Chopard. He exhibited a unique high-performance watch for Only Watch 2017 to commemorate the legendary pilot Jacky Ickx (Chopard super fast 8Hz power control Porsche 919 Only Watch 2017) - and talked about Mr. Ickx, whether or not The price of something, you can also bid ...
For the occasion of Watch 2017, Chopard introduced a unique watch, not only in terms of design but also in terms of mechanics - this is always a delightful feature. Visually, this watch is based on its daring and racing Superfast Chrono to celebrate the partnership with Porsche racing, especially the 919 hybrid racer at Le Mans. 45 mm in diameter, a large, thick bezel fixed to the case with 8 screws, a titanium case decorated with lines, reminiscent of the racing pedal and textured dial with large numbers For best legibility, this rather masculine watch certainly suits the racing theme and it pays tribute to it.buy Richard Mille RM060 replica watch
However, timing does not appear complicated this time. Chopard Superfast 8Hz Power Control Porsche 919 Watch 2017 is a three hand with date and power reserve - of course, its shape is similar to a fuel gauge. For the Only Watch 2017 version, the Geneva manufacturer chose a matt blue dial with a matching hollow leather strap. The signature of legendary pilot Jacky Ickx is on the dial. However, the main novelty lies behind it, and an action was developed for this particular version. Inside is the internally developed Calibre 01.11-M. In terms of decoration, it uses the same style as other Superfast movements, which means a hollow swing weight and bridge, just like the ventilation holes of a high-performance engine. But there are more.

In fact, as its name suggests, the Chopard Superfast 8Hz Power Control Porsche 919 Watch 2017 has a high-frequency oscillator organ at 57,600 vph / 8Hz, which enables higher accuracy and faster operational recovery or racing in the event of an impact. Frequent disturbances in sports. This is achieved by using a specific silicon escapement. Thanks to this, it is also certified by the Observatory of the Swiss Official Observatory of Observatory (COSC). The movement provides 60 hours of power reserve.
Unique and priceless experience: Due to the sixth participation in the Only Watch Charity Auction, Chopard decided not only to provide a unique watch, but also to provide special experience for the successful bidder. In fact, Jacky Ickx himself also participated in the design of the Chopard Superfast 8HZ Power Control Porsche 919 Watch 2017, and also included the weekend anniversary of the Historique GP 2018 in Monaco, where Jacky Ickx was present.cheap fake watches for sale
The last one on the dial is the moon phase indicator. Chopard received a high-profile, attractive moon phase display, avoiding the typical style of the “M-shaped” window, and it looked a little more rounded. The following disc moves to duplicate the appearance of the current moon in the sky, which is surrounded by the pattern of small stars (Chopard claims that it is the visual representation of the actual beginning of the northern hemisphere). What's more, the moon phase display window itself rotates around its own axis on its subaxis. This is not a functional element that I understand, but it does help the dial to stay fresh and interesting. The moon phase design elements are intended to attract attention and emphasize these timepieces. The name is again "Lunar One."
Although some dialing complications can be adjusted through the crown, the L.U.C Lunar One case has four built-in buttons that help you quickly adjust the calendar and moon phase information so that you won't lose your watch for a while. I also realized that the watch is automatic, but considering that this may be a difficult situation to adjust, if there is a power reserve indicator or pusher on the dial (eg A. Lange & Söhne have on some models ), allows you to forward all date information one day in advance.replica Hublot limited edition watches
Traditionally, I am not a fan of platinum as a case material, but precious metals have been growing on me. Looking at this watch from a distance, you will be forgiven for thinking that it is 18k white gold or steel instead of platinum. True, the color and surface finish of platinum, steel, and 18k white gold are a bit different, but most people don't know the difference. More importantly, platinum is a heavy metal and it is also easy to scratch. So why is this precious metal more precious than gold? My understanding is that because platinum (compared to gold) is more difficult to achieve, it becomes rare.
Platinum grew up on me because of its emotional value. First of all, you will never forget that you wear a platinum watch. When weight helps measure the value of something, its weight makes it more like a luxury "old school." Therefore, when compared to steel watches, when you wear platinum, you do know that there are different things on the wrist (and it is worth reminding). Ironically, in these days, watchmakers are making the same emphasis on making lighter (and perhaps more interesting) watches as heavy or platinum watches.
Platinum is also more cautious than gold or most other gold alloys. Platinum can also use the same argument. This means that although you as a wearer know what you have precious things, this fact is not so obvious to those who see you. Therefore, those who are interested in creating "private" relationships with luxury toys and wearing them personally or in public places will be interested in platinum. Wearing it means that you need to be able to afford it, but it also means that you will not roar to the world. This form of "luxury discretion" cannot be ignored and is a common wearing factor for watch lovers around the world.www.luxuryrelogio.com

Specifications - CHOPARD SUPERFAST 8HZ Power Control Porsche 919 Watch 2017 Only
Case: 45 mm diameter x 12.4 mm thick - Titanium case - 5 case - Sapphire crystal on both sides - 100 meters waterproof
Movement: Movement 01.11-M, COSC certified - Automatic - 8Hz frequency - 60 hours power reserve - Time, power reserve and date
Strap: Blue leather strap with titanium folding clasp
2017 unique watch
Reference: 168593-3002