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Basic introduction of cnsuperpower.com Log Splitter

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Through the above analysis, we should have recognized that the old Black Diamond Log Splitter appears to smoke blue smoke, most likely the piston ring caused by excessive air ring wear. If the new mower appears to take the situation of blue smoke, then the piston ring is unlikely to be a problem, it should be added too much oil, so that oil from the above valve into. If the addition of oil is normal, one may be due to the problem of assembling the piston ring, and the other may be due to the engine has no oil running and cause the piston ring wear. After understanding the reasons for the four-stroke mower to take the blue smoke, I believe you already know the solution: first check whether the oil is too much, if the oil is appropriate or burn oil, it would replace the engine piston ring

Basic introduction of Log Splitter

Log Splitter name more, also known as Log Splitter, Log Splitter, lawn trimmer, grass machine.

The Log Splitter consists of cutterhead, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, handrail, control part. How it works: The cutterhead is mounted on the running wheel, the engine is equipped with an engine, the output shaft of the engine is equipped with a blade, and the blade is rotated at high speed with the engine to trim the lawn. The use of conditions: 2000 square meters below the lawn, you can use hand-push Log Splitter, 2000 or 2000 square meters above the lawn, you can use self-propelled Log Splitter, lawn trees and obstacles more, you can choose the front round universal Log Splitter. Larger area, you can choose lawn tractor, generally, 1.07 m (42 inch) Log Splitter for 12000 ~ 15000 square meters of lawn, 1.17 meters (46 inches) of the Log Splitter for 20,000 square meters below the lawn. Note: clean up the site to remove stones, branches, all kinds of debris. Mark the nozzle and the obstruction.

Dress: thick soled shoes, trousers, Log Splitter mainly to prevent the blade hit the stone splash wounding. Site: slope angle of more than 15 degrees can not cut grass, to prevent wounding and damage to machinery. It can not be cut immediately after rain and watering to prevent slippage and poor mechanical work. Special emphasis is: Log Splitters operating, 10 meters within the scope of no one, especially the side row when the side row can not be on the people. Adjust the machine and the grass must stop. Absolutely not in the mechanical operation to adjust the machinery and grass down. Height adjustment: According to the requirements of the lawn to determine the stubble after cutting the height, the southern warm season lawn stubble is generally 3 cm, the northern cold season lawn stubble height of 5 cm.