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How to Set Up and Use Email Templates in Gmail

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How Often Do You Need to Type the Same Email?

At the outset, the writing practice was all great. We figured out how to sort and sort quickly as lightning by entering in the same reaction around twenty times every day in Gmail.

At that point, we figured out how to duplicate and glue. It was clumsy, and it was very little speedier than writing; it worked, however, and felt much better.

Presently, we click. It's still the same canned answer, obviously, yet Gmail keeps and embeds it.

Set Up and Use Email Templates in Gmail

To empower message formats in Gmail:

Step by Step Screenshot Walkthrough

Click the Settings gear in your Gmail's toolbar.

Select Settings from the menu.

Go to the Labs tab.

Ensure Enable is chosen for Canned Responses.

Click Save Changes.

Save a Message as a Template in Gmail

To spare an email for future use as a layout in Gmail:

Step by Step Screenshot Walkthrough

Ensure "Canned Responses" is empowered. (See above.)

Create the message in Gmail.

Do leave the mark set up on the off chance that you need it to show up in messages sent utilizing the layout.

You can leave both the Subject: and To: fields void. They are not spared together with the layout. (The subject, on the off chance that you enter one, is proposed for the format name, however.)

Click the More choices descending directing triangle (▾) in the toolbar at the message's base.

Select Canned reactions | New canned reaction... under Save from the menu that shows up.

Sort the craved name for your format.

Click OK.

Make a New Message or Reply Using a Template in Gmail

To send a canned message or answer:

Step by Step Screenshot Walkthrough

Do ensure "Canned Responses" is empowered, obviously, and the canned answer is made. (See above.)

Begin another message or answer.

Click the More alternatives triangle (▾) in the message's organizing toolbar (to the structure territory's base).

Point to Canned reactions in the menu that appears.

Select the craved format under Insert.

Ensure you fill the To: and Subject: fields.

Alter the message as required and snap Send.

Note that Gmail won't overwrite any current content aside from in the event that you highlight it before embeddings the layout's content.