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So you have decided to become a nurse--or maybe you have had exposure Robin Yount Jersey , but you want to expand your horizons in the field. It is an undeniable fact that the 21st-century is the best time in history to become a nurse. Nurses have been in very high demand for years, and the trend will continue indefinitely. Think of it this way: the law of supply and demand dictates that the more demand there is, and the lower supply that exists-the higher that the price will be. Simply said, nurses receive top pay in the healthcare field as well as the overall U.S. job market. Not a believer? Check out the Bureau of Labor's web site and compare numbers.

If you are a newcomer to the field, getting your collegevocational education is paramount. Usually Jim Gantner Jersey , students apply for and receive jobs such as nursing assistants-which generally only require about a year of college and a certification. The certification is on that comes from a school specializing in nursing andor general healthcare and that has been certified by either the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

Once you are graduated and acclimated to the medical assistant's job, continue your career with the LPN, or Licensed Practical Nurse. Before you are awarded with a LPN, or LVN in some states, you must complete from one to two years of a community Cecil Cooper Jersey , junior or vocational college that is state-approved. From there, complete the NCLEX-PN exam and you have a LPN license under your belt and as gold on your resume.

To the Top, Good Sir

For those individuals who would like to become fully-fledged Registered-Nurses (RN), even more lucrative opportunities await you. Obtain Bachelor's degree from an accredited college (usually, for nurses Glenn Robinson Jersey , is a Bachelor of Science) and continue studying for your next license. The NCLEX-RN is a nationally required license for all U.S. nurses. This test will examine your core competencies and knowledge of all aspects of patients' healthcare.

As you browse online for nursing jobs, you will immediately notice that there are no shortages of nursing jobs available-not by the farthest stretch of the imagination! Many of them require all the licensing, in addition to a set number of years of experience; however, if you are a bright, motivated individual who knows his or her field Paul Molitor Jersey , much of the experienced is required is sometimes waived. It all comes back to the supply and demand scenario.

Incomparable Benefits

Benefits for registered nurses (usually LPN's as well) generally include 401K accounts with full-employer matching, full health coverage as well as dental and tuition reimbursement. Salaries are very competitive with LPN's starting around 30K a year and topping out at an average of almost 50-thousand dollars-it varies widely from state to state. RN's can expect to earn a minimum of 45-thousand. As for the maximum, consider this: the national average for registered nurses (2010) is $74,000. That alone should be a very good indicator of the possibilities with nursing.The Queen of Halloween is a huge fan of creative Halloween costume ideas for a number of reasons. For every costume that is going to be the same as everyone else's there, there should be at least one idea roaming around in your mind that can set the whole room on fire. The Queen has several rules when it comes to Halloween and Halloween costumes: each one should be different from anyone else's. If there is a chance Christian Yelich Jersey , even a small, remote chance that someone else is going to where that costume, then it is not the best choice, is it? Second: the Queen says if you are too embarrassed by the thoughts your own brain churns out, then stick to the pre-made Mike Moustakas Jersey , purchased gear and whisper those thoughts to one of your braver friends. And finally, this is the most important rule according to the Queen of Halloween: it ain't Halloween until a small child cries.

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