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Giants Continue Focus On Lester Possibly Headley - RealGM Wiretap
As GM Brian Sabean settles into the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego in the coming days for the Winter Meetings http://www.brownsfootballpro.com/Brock-Osweiler-Browns-Jersey/ , the rest of the Giants front office will have to take a different approach. The team's starting rotation and third base need the biggest upgrades. Those two positions are the focus this week, assistant GM Bobby Evans said, and the Giants are aiming high.

They met with free agent left-hander Jon Lester on Monday and are considered one of four financial heavyweights, along with the Red Sox, Cubs and Dodgers, vying for the pitcher's services.

Chase Headley is the biggest free-agent name left at third base, and the Giants have shown interest, although that field, like Lester's, is full of suitors.

You want to improve your success, but don't know where to start.

It's only human to strive for our best.

How do you get the ball rolling?

Here are 10 questions to create success, unconventional success http://www.brownsfootballpro.com/Britton-Colquitt-Browns-Jersey/ , because the answers come from you, and not from some book on success.

I suggest that you don't just read this article but write a one page response to each of the questions. When you do this, you'll get a better idea of how to create success your way, success on your own terms, unconventional success.

1. What is your core desire?

Look at your past. How has it created the present? Is it what you want? If not, what is missing? How can it be different? What is it that you really, really want?
What in your past makes you believe that you can't have it? What can you do right now to identify your core desire and move toward it?

2. How can you change?

Okay, you've figured out what you want. You've identified your passion, your core desire. You now know what turns you on. Now how do you move from where you are now to where you want to be? What talents can you now express? What opportunities can you now seize? What can you do to learn more or connect with those who can help you?

3. What is your major challenge?

When you have a major life challenge, it is because you need to learn something. Your environment is forcing you to adapt to a higher level of skill and productivity. Your problem is goading you on to expand your talents and your resources.

Money problems arise from doing work that does not offer a high value to others. This is work that is not well paid for. They could also arise from not managing the money that you currently have well. If you have a money problem, step outside the frustration of it. Instead take a look at what it is asking you to do. Do you need more education? Do you need a better job? Do you need more skills at your current job? Do you simply need to organize what is working for you to improve your cash flow?

Relationship problems are due to wrong choices, as well as internal and external communication issues. Are you with the right people http://www.brownsfootballpro.com/Briean-BoddyCalhoun-Browns-Jersey/ , those who share your values and view of the world? If not, who are the right people for you and how do you find them? Or perhaps you need to understand your own moods and impulses better and find out why they arise and how they rub people the wrong way. Or perhaps you need to speak your truth in a way that others can understand and respect.

Health issues are due to emotional baggage that has translated into physical symptoms. Once you heal the inner resentments, once you find peace, then physical well-being will follow. Medical assistance can help, of course, but you are more than just a body that attracts random illness. You are a mental-emotional being, too. And what you think and feel translates into physical changes in your body.

The challenges in your life are an invitation to grow more.

4. Are you in the right work?

It's quite simple. The right work is work that you enjoy doing. If you are just working for the money, then you need to change. Right work is dharma. It is work that fulfills you and gives value to others. Anything less is a waste of your time and energy.

Sadly, most people are doing the wrong work. You can see it the minute you see them at work. They are like puppets pulled by an invisible string. They may smile at you but you can see the trapped, helpless look in their eyes.

Unconventional success calls for you to do your own thing. Conforming to the mundane will dampen your spirit. It will steal your creativity. It will rob the world of your special qualities.

What a waste of life it is to be doing the wrong work. Even if you are good at doing the wrong work, is that success? It is better to be a failure at doing what you love than a success at doing what you hate.

5. Are you fudging on your goals?

It's fantastic that you've identified your interests, made goals http://www.brownsfootballpro.com/Bernie-Kosar-Browns-Jersey/ , made plans to fulfill those goals, and even taken some action. But are you really taking massive action? Are you doing all you can to reach your goals?

Anything than your best in moving toward your core desire is not worthy of you.

Only 100% commitment to learn all you can and to do what is before you will create the results that you desire.

You must summon up an extraordinary energy to change from where you are now to where you want to be. You have to blast through inertia, ignorance, and inferiority feelings. You have to go for it with all your heart.

Review what you are doing and ask yourself, "Is this enough?"

6. Do you have a positive influence on others?

Only as you give will you receive. If you give lousy service in your work, you'll receive lousy benefits. If you are cold and hostile, critical and abusive to others,
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