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I can't remember them asking lots favors

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I enjoy the game but besides a few changes, I feel that the Animal Crossing Bells gameloop has gotten less dynamic. I recall talking to villagers and them having me do chores and stuff for them. Now they give me insistent lines.

I feel like pieces have improved as much as the sport has regressed.

I'm 130 hours at btw.

In all honesty, I can't remember them asking lots favors. The only ones that I get are the occasional"can you send this apology to someone" stuff. I remember in the past it was far more regular.

Just because people are complaining doesnt mean that they dont like creature crossing matches, that is a false equivalency. I love the AC series but this one just felt as fuck...

Hollow is an excellent way to describe it. It's lost so much of the allure and magical the older games had (and still have)

It appears just from reading all of the comments here like the people who love New Horizons and don't have any complaints are individuals who discovered Animal Crossing either with this game or using pocket camp.

Dude, the most vocal critics and the best remarks ARE people who enjoy monster crossing games. Half the time that they bring up older AC matches with much more functionality/features. Read the damn comments rather than skimming.

More varied and purposeful interaction with villagers would be a huge plus, as the villagers and their personalities is a huge attraction for me personally, kinda moreso than village/house customization. Decorating stuff is most likely the most fleshed out part of it however it's rather delayed satisfaction, whereas playing or chatting with your villagers is buy Animal Crossing Items material that is more immediately in front of you.