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When ya gonna change Runescape to Leescape

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It is opening a can of worms that I feel Jagex will repent later on in the future. Finally, I think that it's quite unfair to those who bought natures to spring this shift on them. I wrote this brief story to RS gold play the devil's advocate: I'm sure most, if not all, are aware that Jagex changed the nature rune alch price. Earlier today, Mod Teabag sat down during his dawn crumpet break to talk about why this has been implemented. "Yes, to affirm, we did alter the high alch values of character runes. This WAS NOT DUE TO BOTS. I just want to put the record straight concerning why this was completed. This upgrade was in NO way a cave-in to the bots/rwt'rs that some conspiracy theoryists assert to exist on RS. We could guarentee our game is 100% bot free.

Interestingly enough, it started out due to a petty payback from the other member of the team , but, as it happens, it turned out to be a fantastic choice. Last week, my fellow colleague, Mod WhatsBotting was on his way into on a nice crisp Monday morning. He likes to take public transport to do his part to help save the Earth from warming up and thus exploding in a couple trillion decades.

When ya gonna change Runescape to Leescape

As a result of our Jagex HQ being close to the elementary school, most of the little children are familiar with Jagex and our matches, and many play Runescape. While Mod WhatsBotting was passing the college, a bunch of mean children started to shout out and taunt him with these phrases such as"HAHAHA Failgex worker! You are games so fail you can alch character runes for gain now:L" and"When ya gonna change Runescape to Leescape" Today, Mod WhatsBotting had already had a rough morning, his crumpets were cold, he split his tea, and he couldn't locate his Ipad, and of course , he forgot to take his Zoloft.

He stewed over the whole issue on the bus journey in and decided he would get even with the small kids by lowering the character rune alch cost, he did. Mod WhatsBotting is high up on the food chain , so nobody can override his desicion except for Paul who's away at Crumpetfest 2011. So for today, the alch costs will remain. Again, please do not listen to this conspiracy theories and their storie of robots that are mythical, they don't exists. I can not recall when I first started noticing this, but I am convinced it was within the past 30 days. Sometimes once you right-click to withdraw-x or whatever other amount, and you move your mouse directly after right-clicking, the cheap RuneScape gold right-click menu still pops up where your first click has been, but the item you draw is whichever one your mouse lands on.