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In my heart, the

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In my heart, the local sound, the nostalgia, the townscape, how romantic is the hometown atmosphere!metown beauty! Because it is where I grew up, surrounded by mountains, although there is no city hustle and bustle, but I am deeply in love with this land. Everything in my hometown is full of the beauty of harmony. Looking at the mountains and rivers of my hometown, think about the simplicity of my hometown. How can I not let me fall in love with her from the bottom of my heart? scenery of my hometown is wonderful. Please turn your attention to the small rural scenery in the spring, with warm sunshine and slight wind. An unexpected spring rain, the sky is washed clear blue, the blossoming white clouds drifting in the wind, the willow branches on both sides of the road Case Of Newport Cigarettes Price, hanging long branches, fresh and tender seems to drip water. The large peach blossoms and rapeseed in the fields are open to the public, smelling the scent of the air in the air, as if the sound of flowers is heard. Look! A beautiful country painting. Yellow tiles and walls are looming in the sparsely populated houses. Surrounded by a piece of green farmland, there are farmers working in the field, and there are various wildflowers on the road. Are these small landscapes intertwined and not an outstanding painting? the fall, the corn in the harvest season is squatting, scrambling to reveal his fat body. At this time, you will see the hard work of the people in your hometown Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons, and the face is filled with an unprecedented smile. hometown of drunken beauty is such a simple mood, happy and harmonious.position network manuscripts may not be reproduced without permissiolking in other places, I heard the familiar accent, I believe that everyone will have a warm current in their hearts.e family relationship in my hometown is wonderful. In my hometown, there are parents who gave birth to me. With my brothers and sisters, the family relationship between us is incomparably beautiful.the summer, walking on the tree-lined avenue to see the scenery on the side of the road, this is really a beautiful enjoyment. On one side is the pond, "the lotus leaves are infinite, and the lotus flowers are red"; on the other hand, the fields are "yellow flowers and yellow flowers, farmers' hearts", how close!inter, it is covered in silver and white. In the snow, from time to time, laughter and children are playing snowballs, making snowmen Printable Carton Newport Cigarette, how happy! This is the season for farmers to rest, but also the season of entertainment. In the evening, there are everything in the door Carton Marlboro Reds 100, chess, and cards. Although the lives of the peasants are simple Carton Of Newport Shorts Cigarettes Online, they are happy and full of sentiment.