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In the summer of 2016

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In the summer of 2016, David Lee signed the Spurs to help the Spurs reach the Western Conference Finals in the 2016-17 season. On May 20, 2017 [url=http://www.mapleleafsfansshop.com/jerseys/matt-martin-jersey.html]Matt Martin Jersey[/url], in the third round of the Western Conference finals, David Lee faced the old club brave, physically attacking the old teammate Green with a ball on his knees, unable to continue playing and sitting in a wheelchair by a staff member That was the last game of David Lee's career as a NBA player [url=http://www.mapleleafsfansshop.com/jerseys/wendel-clark-jersey.html]Wendel Clark Jersey[/url].

From the outsider's standpoint, it is inferred that the University of Chicago financial office's comments were mostly keywords like "extremely responsible [url=http://www.mapleleafsfansshop.com/jerseys.html]NHL jerseys[/url], proactive, hard-working, and never lazy," otherwise it was not enough to explain why Barton Brewer was decisive and determined that the post Zhang Weiping none other than [url=http://www.mapleleafsfansshop.com/jerseys/joffrey-lupul-jersey.html]Joffrey Lupul Jersey[/url]. Control of the recruitment standards at the time, Zhang Weiping only "will be able to speak Chinese fluent" This one meets the requirements, but the boss is valued his character is excellent, reliable.

This data, fully proved the ball brother's comprehensive history is rare, of course, his shooting performance is still not good enough to count today's 3-of-4 out of 1 vote, his third shooting was only 22.8%, 2017 -18 After the end of the season, the ball brother needs to be well targeted in the offseason fill gaps and gaps, and the most important part is his shooting.